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Illustration and design for your project, business or organisation. We'll get your ideas out into the world, ready for presentation.
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Specialising in Indigenous Health Education Resources.
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Illustrations to suit your needs and aesthetic

Whether you need detailed anatomical diagrams, fun cartoons or simple drawings, our skill-set is broad and varied so that our designs support your message.

Here's a quick look at just some of the illustrations we have in our portfolio and the styles we can use to create custom-made drawings for you.

school JAT.png
hamburger JAT.jpg
crisps fried&salty.png
food healthy2.png
group 4_men webJAT.png
Female anatomy throat_chest crop JAT.jpg
stent_in_artery Adj JAT 300dpi.png
eating medicine.png
Birthing Adjusted2.png
Brain Male skin&hair.png
hunting women adj.jpg
Walking Man&Woman JAT.png
HelpToGetThere Female.jpg
PaulEats Reviewersx4.png
JATillus Samples 5-pg Dec16 3.jpg
JATillus Samples 5-pg Dec16 3.jpg
PaulEats promo2.jpg
PaulEats promo2.jpg
PaulEats promo2.jpg
finger point meds adj.png
JAT_Refusing Grog.png
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beer&cig hand&arm.png
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