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You save so much time and energy when your Illustrator already understands health issues, anatomy, medicines education and cultural differences

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Discussing your needs for Health and Medical information publications is easy because artist Julie Taylor of JATillustrational is also an experienced health professional

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Working for many years as a pharmacist in public hospitals and Indigenous health clinics, Julie has a strong understanding of critical issues in the sector and how to appropriately convey information in visually engaging ways. Her experience in the industry will give your publications the insight needed to develop visual ideas that get your message across.
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Illustrations designed or adapted to suit target groups including Indigenous health workers and practitioners, remote Indigenous communities, the Elderly, people with English as a second language, people with literacy difficulties, and more.
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Simple and clear anatomical diagrams

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Got an idea?

Our library of vector drawings developed over the past 15 years are ready to start adapting for your requirements
We're ready to create custom-made illustrations that convey your vision and message
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